Critical mobile HR strategy essentials you can’t ignore

By on Feb 28, 2017 in Mobility Strategy |

Don’t let security, other essentials be afterthoughts

Alarcon said organizations should perform security assessments so they understand how their mobile HR app will interact with other systems and what types of data they can safely deliver to mobile devices.

Change management is also a critical consideration. Kai Petzelt, head of solution management for SAP SuccessFactors, said the benefits of putting simple tasks that add very little value in the hands of employees are not always apparent.

“It has to be crystal clear that by using these mobile offerings, HR moves much closer to the people,” Petzelt said.

While that may sound obvious, it’s an aspect of mobile HR that often gets forgotten, said Brian Sommer, founder of tech consultancy TechVentive Inc. Sommer believes that too many mobile HR apps are built to make things easier for the HR staff, which is why he advises companies to design their apps with the end user in mind. Doing so, he said, will help their apps deliver exactly what employees want.

“Most people, if they could, would never interact with HR,” said Sommer.

Sun Communities must have gotten the memo. Farrugia said that when it’s come to designing and refining the company’s mobile HR app, making life easier on HR is the last thought. Instead, he said, the focus is squarely on the intended audience.

“When we roll something out,” he said, “the first and utmost concern is making the team member experiences as easy as possible.”

Spoken like a mobile HR pro.